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Christine Pearson

2013 Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Community Wound Clinician
Vancouver Coastal Health

Other nurses flock to Christine Pearson to show their appreciation after she has given a presentation. She is an expert on wound care practice to the point that her advice is sought out by nurses, physicians and other health professionals near and far.

“Christine’s years of experience allow her to assess and treat virtually every type of wound and in the process she has developed a huge knowledge base,” says Providence Health Care Educator B.J. Paproski. “Community wound care treats every type of wound imaginable and her knowledge supports nurses who carry out treatment.”

That singular expertise has been earned through decades of practice, lifelong learning and research. Christine continues to deliver wound care lectures and seminars locally and nationally as a consultant for private industry; in addition, she has been a guest speaker at numerous health conferences. She has held temporary instructional appointments at institutes such as the University of British Columbia School of Nursing, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Langara College and Vancouver Community College.

All this experience has turned Christine into a very clear-headed clinician who can be relied upon for thorough clinical recommendations. “Christine adheres to a very holistic view of nursing,” says PHC Clinical Nurse Specialist Leah Shapera. “An example of her strong focus on client care and safety is her major contribution to provincial procedure on sharp non-viable tissue debridement. This document served to set policy for standards of practice, limitations and conditions on the scope of practice.”

In addition to her extensive work as a consultant and presenter, Christine has long served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Wound Care, as well as several national Wound Care Advisory Panels and has been a member of many nursing committees and associations.

Indeed, Christine’s passion for wound care has allowed her to be at the forefront of progressive nursing practice. “She developed policies and clinical practice guidelines for maggot wound treatment,” recalls Vancouver Coastal Health Manager of Evergreen House, Maylene Fong. “As you can imagine, both staff and clients were squeamish about this type of treatment. Christine was able to educate the staff and clients about the efficacy and safety of this method and the cases where Christine was able to use this therapy were successful.”

Christine is far more than an exceptional nurse—she is also a strong advocate for the best interests of her patients. “I recall a situation when she called a surgeon regarding a client wound that required a surgical debridement so that it would heal,” Fong says. “She was very factual and clear about what was required of the surgeon and stressed the importance of the situation. The surgeon was respectful of Christine’s expertise and the client was seen in a timely manner.”

When wounded and anxious patients arrive in many hospitals in B.C. and beyond, they can be reassured that they will receive skillful and quality treatment, thanks to the healing impact of one of our province’s greatest wound care experts.

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