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Petra Pardy

2013 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Administration

Director, Home and Community Care and Patient Flow Services
Vancouver Coastal Health

A consummate planner and innovator, healthcare administrator Petra Pardy has helped make system-wide changes to improve patient care both inside and outside the hospital.

In her current role, she is responsible for a budget of $63 million and 500 employees, spanning primary, acute and community care for Richmond. Through her leadership and strong collaboration with the medical community throughout her career, she works to constantly make improvements to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

Petra understands the value of working with partners, using a methodical approach. “She has collaborated with the Richmond Senior Leadership team to identify the key problems and opportunities that are aligned to the priorities of VCH,” says Director of Population and Family Health Diane Bissenden. For instance, the Home is Best program and the Home First Employed Student Nurse program help ensure nurses provide best practices to support Richmond’s senior population. “They help older adults move as seamlessly as possible from the acute care setting to the comfort and familiarity of their homes, with support to ensure safety and wellness.”

Petra’s specialized knowledge and insight concerning use of beds in the acute and residential care settings gave her advocacy weight when she supported the introduction of nurse practitioners (NPs) to the residential care and community health setting. While this change did not have unanimous support initially, thanks to her advocacy and ideas this NP role is seen as extremely valuable. The results have been higher satisfaction for residents, family staff and physicians, and reduced visits to the emergency room and hospital.

A lifelong learner, Petra is always quick to share strategies and best practice documents with others to help strengthen nursing knowledge. She leads regional teams to help transfer knowledge throughout VCH, linking up colleagues with the most current resources. She has also implemented technology to support improved workflow processes for nurses. “She has been a mentor and coach for many Richmond Hospital employees,” says Sue Goulding. “When Petra was attending Royal Roads University, she engaged many of the front-line leaders in her work, sharing her learning and inspiring us to pursue our studies. She is in part responsible for me pursuing my graduate studies and for that, I will always be grateful.”

By putting people first and engaging staff in problem-solving and decision-making, Petra fosters leaders and staff who know they can make a difference. Her process of enabling a team approach to care and services has become a template for other collaborative practice implementations across VCH, including the Allied Health Leadership Redesign and the Evergreen Collaborative Practice Model at Lion’s Gate Hospital.

“She has a passion for nursing administration,” says VCH Chief Nursing Officer Susan Wannamaker. “That passion is transforming care and service delivery and makes a difference every day for those we serve.”

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