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Ivana Marinov

Rising Star

Clinical Nurse Educator, Mental Health
St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care

capabilities one might expect from a nurse with far more years’ experience. Highly-capable in her current roles at both St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver and North Delta Mental Health and Addictions, she is constantly solving patient challenges and providing a high example of care to her colleagues and new nurses.

At St. Paul’s Hospital, Ivana works on the Acute Psychiatry ward in the Psychiatric Assessment and Stabilization Unit, and in Post-Operative Care in the medical/surgery ward. She also fulfills duties as a registered psychiatric nurse in North Delta. She has broad knowledge of addictions and mental illness, complex wound care management, HIV/AIDS, renal and heart health care and palliative care. Her consolidated skills make her exceptionally helpful in a range of clinical care situations.

“I recently had a young patient who became acutely medically ill and Ivana recognized the need for immediate intervention,” recalls Maureen Roper, RN. “This patient had a mass in the fallopian tube and surgery was required. The patient was very reluctant, but Ivana was able to support the patient in a kind, compassionate manner.” Ivana shows sound clinical judgment, never waiting to be asked to get involved in clinical care, pitching in as she is needed.

“Ivana accepts new challenges presented to her by leadership, as when she took on the role of acting Clinical Nurse Leader when our current CNL was on leave,” says Providence Health Care Mental Health Program Director Jennifer Duff. “The particular unit Ivana came to was notorious for caring for some of our most challenging clients. Though Ivana was a relatively new RN, her expertise as a registered psychiatric nurse helped her rise to the challenge. She was perceived as a seasoned leader, and was quickly embraced by staff and patients as the leader on the unit.”

Ivana pursued her nursing education with uncommon dedication, completing a degree in psychiatric nursing and then following up immediately with a nursing degree. “She clearly seeks out learning opportunities and uses what she learns to provide an optimal level of care to her patients,” says St. Paul’s Hospital Mental Health Program Operations Leader Blaine Bray.

That dedication has made her particularly effective in providing appropriate care to marginalized populations. “Seventy-five percent of our patients have addictions disorders in addition to their primary mental health diagnoses and many are homeless,” Bray notes. “This unique patient population requires a high degree of skill and nurses require depth in their practice and medical knowledge to perform well; Ivana has these qualities.”

Ivana takes part in activities to promote public health and is an active member of the BC Nurses Union. During the Vancouver Pride parade, she volunteered her time to take part in the festivities by taking blood pressure and glucose readings from the BCNU bus. She also participates in St. Paul’s Hospital Nursing Practice Council, which provides context for policies and procedures impacting nursing care and the nurse-patient relationship.

As a team leader and team player in her various nursing roles, Ivana is an inspiration to others , helping raise the standard of care now and into the future.

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