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Dr. Maura MacPhee

Excellence in Nursing Research

Associate Professor of Nursing
UBC School of Nursing

A thoughtful researcher and exceptional professional nurse, Dr. Maura MacPhee’s area of expertise goes to the heart of how to make nursing more effective. Exploring the intricacies of healthy work environments, nursing management and nursing leadership, her findings can have big impacts on how health professionals deliver care in the best possible way.

Maura has been an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia School Nursing since 2011, though she first began teaching nurses in the 1990s. Her experience in clinical nursing goes back to 1981, when she joined Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the Pediatrics ward, a nursing specialty she has maintained to this day. While she spent most of her nursing and educational career in the United States, she brought her fantastic wealth of nursing experience and knowledge to Canada and the province of British Columbia, to our great benefit.

“In all that she does across the full continuum of research, education and practice leadership, Maura constantly demonstrates excellence as a professional nurse,” says School of Nursing Professor Sally Thorne. “Her work is consistently innovative and progressive and she serves as a powerful role model to students, academic colleagues, nursing practice leaders and nurses across all realms of practice. The work that she does is very much in the public interest , strengthening the capacity of health systems to develop and support nursing practice.”

Maura’s contributions to nursing research can’t be overstated. She has obtained multiple competitive research grants for her studies in such fields as patient safety in Emergency Departments, developing a logic model for nursing leadership development and collaborative team-building in practice education initiatives. “Maura has been a key member of numerous collaborative projects with other researchers in Canada, working on issues including leadership within health system redesigns, new registered nurse retention, healthcare quality indicators and access to health care,” says UBC School of Nursing Associate Professor Dr. Bernie Garrett.

She was the principal investigator on a number of important research studies such as “High Fidelity Simulation Curriculum Development and Faculty Education”, “Educator Pathway competency assessment tool validation using Delphi process” and “Nursing Leadership Development”. She is also widely-published, with many peer-reviewed academic journal papers in high-quality journals, a book and several book chapters.

“Characterizing all of Maura’s research initiatives is a highly collaborative approach to projects that involves practitioners, students and trainees,” Thorne says. “She also obtains funding for junior colleagues and practice partners’ initiatives. She is the consummate collaborator in the development of nursing research.”

Maura’s innovative research focus and enthusiasm for working with colleagues have made her a positive role model to many, from students to practice leaders. Just as cooperation is at the heart of effective nursing, the research that informs it is better when experts like Maura work together for the benefit of all.

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