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Cathryn Jackson

2013 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Education

UBC School of Nursing

A knack for putting students at ease and explaining complicated material in a way that students can understand will get you far as an educator. Cathryn Jackson goes far beyond that, implementing hyper-realistic clinical practice labs and contributing greatly to the knowledge base available to British Columbia’s nurses. Her enthusiasm and proven methods help set nurses on a path to lifelong learning and a high standard of practice that benefits patients every day.

Currently working as an Instructor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing, she has an extensive background in educational programming, teaching and frontline nursing at Royal Columbian Hospital and Burnaby Hospital. Throughout her career, she has shown dedication to her profession by updating her own skills and education, including obtaining a Master’s of Science in Nursing from UBC.

Cathryn’s love of nursing education starts right in the classroom. “Her ability to teach is outstanding,” says UBC School of Nursing Associate Professor Dr. Bernie Garrett. “In the lab setting, her clear demonstrations and clinical dexterity facilitate students’ understanding of complex practical skills. She also brings humor to the class helping students relax and retain whatever she’s teaching them.”

Always ready to push the envelope on pedagogic techniques and technologies, Cathryn has introduced new ideas to course design and learning materials. For example, she developed a WebCT virtual learning environment to blend learning through discussions and online resources. She also implemented innovative assessment techniques by using an integrated practical lab examination. She has been a key proponent of UBC’s High Fidelity Simulation laboratory. She was also keenly involved in the development of the BSN Practice ePortfolio, used by faculty and students throughout the program.

Her innovative methods have had excellent results for learning outcomes, and also made her one of the most favorably-reviewed instructors at the School of Nursing. “Her student evaluations consistently exceed the average for faculty at her rank, as well as faculty overall, across all courses and years,” notes School of Nursing Professor and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, Sally Thorne.

Cathryn has had an outsized impact on educational planning and policy-making. Over the past four years, she has acted as the School of Nursing’s Clinical Laboratory Coordinator and has served on their Undergraduate Program Committee. Although particularly challenging, involving development and implementation of a restructured undergraduate curriculum, she brought it to a successful completion. She has also served on numerous campus-wide committees that focus on electronic and distance learning.

Cathryn is not only one of the ‘go-to’ people at UBC for innovative learning technologies, but is recognized as an eLearning and distance learning expert across the province and nationally, says School of Nursing Associate Professor Maura MacPhee.

A responsible nurse educator who is committed to the principles of the nursing profession, Cathryn has helped to give British Columbians quality nursing care that should put them at ease.

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