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Jessie Addy

2013  Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Rising Star

Registered Nurse—Critical Care
Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver Coast Health

Busy hospital wards need dynamos like Jessie Addy. Always on the lookout for new challenges, Jessie is an energetic and creative asset for colleagues and patients at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver—indicating a bright future for this exceptional nurse.

Jessie began nursing in 2008 in the Acute Medicine unit and has since moved to Intensive Care Unit, PCC coverage and taking on roles of charge nurse, preceptor and mentor to peers and clinical students. “Jessie is one of those nurses who has shown great professionalism every day, taking on new assignments that often require complex patient care,” says Clinical Nurse Educator Sandra Sovdat. “Her positive attitude is infectious and inspires the entire team to work together to deliver the best patient care possible.”

Jessie never falters in her mission to do what’s right for her patients. “She is truly an advocate for patients and never forgets that she is working to make the life of patients better every day, through kind and insightful care,” says Program Manager Kevin Hare. Always on the lookout for educational opportunities to enhance her nursing abilities and those around her, she demonstrates her already-exceptional knowledge consistently in her professional practice.

“She takes on new initiatives that occur frequently on our unit. She was trained as a ‘super-user’ for our new IV computerized smart pumps, becoming the resource on night shifts and weekends,” Sovdat says. Other examples include helping promote the hand hygiene program and actively employing a falls protocol to ensure safe patient care. To boost her knowledge, she attends every education day, in-service, new product trial and related event and incorporates what she learns into her practice and shares her knowledge with others.

In a very short time, Jessie has become a leader on her unit. “When approached to attend the Charge Nurse In-service, she jumped at the opportunity and quickly fell into the Patient Care Coordinator role, doing a wonderful job,” says Lion’s Gate Hospital Acute Medicine Patient Care Coordinator Kristy Kennedy. “As with everything she does, she took the new role very seriously and excelled at it.”

Jessie’s impact on patient health extends far beyond the hospital where she works and even far beyond Canada’s borders. Since 2010, she has volunteered with the Canadian Network for International Surgery, a program that provides safe surgeries and obstetrical care to communities in Africa. Jessie helps out where she is needed, whether it’s making obstetric props for teaching models, conducting demonstrations for practicing surgeons, doing nursing and health research, or participating in related events and fundraisers.

Essential to Jessie’s fast-tracked advancement has been her support for nursing innovation. “She is always looking for new ways to problem-solve practice issues with progressive ideas,” Hare says. “She shows nursing innovation and allows nurses to express their insight and understanding of critical care.”

Thanks to nurses like Jessie, patients in our province can know they are getting the best care possible, by energetic health professionals who are devoted to their higher calling.

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