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The Graduate Nurses Association of British Columbia, founded in 1912, was the first regulatory body for registered nurses in the province. In 1935, it was renamed the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia. The College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia was established in 2005.

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The Workplace Representative Program was launched as a pilot project in 1985. Today, there are more than 500 registrants in over 270 agencies across B.C. who volunteer as CRNBC workplace representatives, helping other registrants to use and understand the Standards of Practice.

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CRNBC is participating in a project with other Canadian nursing regulatory bodies to develop national professional regulatory standards. In 2009, five draft standards along with their associated indicators and glossary of terms were developed for consultation with registered nurses across Canada.

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Registration did not become mandatory for B.C. nurses until 1988.

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Entry-level competencies aim to ensure that beginning registered nurses are able to provide safe, competent, ethical nursing care in today’s realities and are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to adapt to changes in health care and nursing.

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CRNBC registrants borrowed 6,109 texts and audiovisual resources from the CRNBC Helen Randal Library in 2009-10 to support them in their daily practice. Visit CRNBC Library

Leadership Messages

President Val Cartnel "Changes Emphasize Regulatory Roles"

CRNBC is well positioned to meet its mandate in the years to come by supporting registered nurses and nurse practitioners to practise safely, competently and ethically.
Val Cartmel, President


CEO Laurel Brunke "Laying the Foundation for the Future"

CRNBC is currently developing an enhanced quality assurance process for registrants.
Laurel Brunke, Registrar/CEO

The Evolution of Nursing Regulation in
British Columbia (Video)

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