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My Professional Plan pilot project shows promising results

Nurses find peer feedback, platform helpful for professional development

​Posted March 31, 2017

In September 2016, CRNBC began a pilot project to introduce and test a new Quality Assurance web app, My Professional Plan. We’re pleased to report the pilot was very successful; not only did the nurses who participated find the feedback they received from their nursing colleagues valuable, they found My Professional Plan easy to use and a great tool for professional development.

Some 160 nurses successfully completed the pilot, with over 800 nurses around the province providing feed​​back. 

Learn more about the features of My Professional Plan.

Learning from our pilot

Results of the pilot are promising. Participants were asked to complete a survey to evaluate My Professional Plan and some participated in focus groups. Satisfaction levels among participants were strong with over 80% rating their experience as good or excellent, and 80% rating the report's usefulness as good or excellent.

​Average satisfaction ratings
(1=very unsatisfied and 5=very satisfied)

Overall experience with feedback tool 4
Usability of feedback tool 5
Instructions provided 5
Experience recruiting peers 4
Usefulness of report 4


Of course, this being a pilot, not everything went perfectly; we had some technical challenges and also heard from a few nurses that they struggled to find enough nursing peers. We also conducted focus groups and exit surveys to really drill down on what worked, and what needs improving.

We're taking all of this feedback into consideration as we fine-tune the platform, and get ready for the next stage. Many thanks to all the nurses who participated, and were so thoughtful in their feedback.

Next steps

The next stage will be a "soft launch" involving 1,000 nurses from across the province, some of whom are randomly selected from our registrant database. Phase 1 begins later this year, so keep an eye on your inbox—it may be your turn.

We've updated the information on our website, so take a look if you want to learn more about:

Getting ready for Phase 1

In 2016 we ran a small pilot project to evaluate both the process of seeking and receiving feedback and the use of My Professional Plan. Later this year, a soft launch will involve 1,000 nurses from across the province, some of whom are randomly selected from our registrant database. These registrants will be asked to complete the multisource feedback process and use the other features of My Professional Plan. Multisource feedback will become a requirement for all nurses once every five years as of 2018.

What’s in it for me?

Your nursing colleagues and others have a unique perspective on your practice. By working with you every day, they see where you excel and where you could improve.

CRNBC’s multisource feedback program is a structured way of capturing your colleagues’ feedback to help you determine and meet your professional development goals.

If you are selected in 2017, you’ll use our new web app to request professional feedback from your colleagues via an online questionnaire. Their responses will be aggregated, anonymized and delivered to you in a comprehensive report, which you can use to focus your professional development planning. If you successfully complete the process you won’t be required to complete MSF again until 2022.

What if I’m selected?

If you're selected, you'll need to:

  1. Make a list of colleagues, both nurses and other colleagues  who you’d like to approach for feedback – these are your reviewers
  2. Talk to your reviewers, and invite them to provide feedback on your practice – make sure they consent to giving feedback
  3. Log into My Professional Plan and complete the self-assessment questionnaire
  4. Enter your reviewers’ names and email addresses
  5. Wait a few weeks and we'll email you when your report is ready
  6. Log in, review the report and then start your plan!

How long will this take?

It won’t take up too much of your time at all—about 20-30 minutes to complete your self-assessment, and then invite your reviewers. Your participation will help us to further improve this new web app to ensure it is responsive to your needs and fine tune the multisource feedback process.


Check out our FAQs. ​​

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