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Former registrant David Stallcup faces criminal charges

Stallcup operated under various false names, now in police custody

posted Feb. 6, 2017

CRNBC has learned that the former registrant known to the college as David Turner Robert is, in fact, an individual named David Stallcup.  This information was discovered in the course of a lengthy police investigation. He recently pled guilty to charges of possession of child pornography, as reported in a Victoria Police Department media release. Stallcup remains in police custody pending sentencing.

Reports indicate Mr. Stallcup operated under various false names for over a decade. In 2015, CRNBC received information that the former registrant known to CRNBC as David Turner Robert was practising nursing without registration.  CRNBC immediately took action in accordance with our legislation, the Health Professions Act which included posting a public advisory and informing nurses and employers through electronic newsletters the former registrant was NOT authorized to practice.

More about registration and nurse verification

In B.C., only individuals registered with CRNBC can legally call themselves a registered nurse or provide duties legally restricted to the profession of registered nursing. Under the HPA, CRNBC maintains a register of individuals who are regulated by the College.

To be authorized to practice in B.C. all applicants to must meet CRNBC’s registration requirements. To prove their identity, applicants must provide valid identification documents e.g., passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate or B.C. driver’s license and a Statutory Declaration Form notarized by a notary public or lawyer. Applicants must also undergo a criminal record check upon initial registration and every five years following.

Police investigations and criminal cases

CRNBC’s purpose is to protect the public and we work in partnership with other agencies that share this mandate. In the event that a current or former CRNBC registrant is the subject of a police investigation or charged in a criminal case, we cooperate fully with police and other relevant enforcement agencies. Should CRNBC become aware of a current or former registrant involved in serious criminal activities, we promptly notify appropriate policing authorities.

If anyone has additional information about the former registrant (known to CRNBC as David Turner Robert and now revealed to be David Stallcup) related to his conduct or competency as a former nurse in British Columbia, please contact CRNBC to submit your complaints and concerns.

Additional information or questions regarding the criminal charges are best directed to Victoria Police Department or the British Columbia Ministry of Justice.

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