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Why do you pay fees to practise as a nurse?

posted Aug. 11, 2017​​

Every RN and NP in British Columbia pays an annual registration fee, but you may wonder "why do I pay fees to practise as a nurse?"

That is a fair question, and it​ is why we are transparent with our fees. You can have a look at them right now and review the breakdown on our website.

When our fees go up, we tell you (as we did at the end of 2016). And if you want to see the costs associated with running the College and how that affects your fees, you can find this information in our Annual Report (head to section 5: Resources and Services).

Your fees pay for registration and allow you to practice nursing in British Columbia. What does that mean? To help answer this, it can be helpful to think of the renewal/registration process and obtaining practising status, like the process of obtaining your driver's licence.

As your driver's licence allows you to be a motorist and utilize the roads in the province, obtaining practising status with CRNBC means that you can work as a nurse in British Columbia. The fees you pay enable CRNBC to regulate the nursing profession on behalf of the public.

In short, fees pay for practising status, those fees are then used to uphold standards for the nursing profession. CRNBC achieves this, on behalf of the public, through the annual registration of nurses, assessing education programs in B.C., addressing complaints about registrants and setting standards of practice.

The practising status for nurses, and the driver's licence for motorists share a lot of similarities. Here is a helpful table, which highlights a few of these similarities.

DLvsNL_Large.png ​If you have more questions about the renewal process and fees, you can contact us via email ( or call us on 604.736.7331.

The Driver's Licence comparison table has been repurposed with permission from NCSBN.​​



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