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Bill to amend the Health Professions Act receives Royal Assent

Paves the way for the creation of a single nursing regulator for B.C.

Posted Nov. 6, 2017

B.C.’s three nursing colleges are pleased to report that Bill 10, the Health Professions Amendment Act, received royal assent on Nov. 2 in the B.C legislature and is now law.

This momentous event clears the way for B.C.’s three nursing colleges—the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of B.C. (CLPNBC), the College of Registered Nurses of B.C. (CRNBC) and the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of B.C. (CRPNBC)—to begin the formal legal process of co-creating a new nursing regulator for the province.

Bill 10 was first introduced on Oct. 24, 2017 and quickly moved through the legislative process. The government’s decision to prioritise this legislation confirms that the B.C. government shares the three colleges’ vision for a single regulatory body for all nurses in British Columbia.

Next Steps

Over the next several months the three colleges, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, will be engaged in the critical work to make this amalgamation a reality. This work will include the development of draft bylaws to be posted for public consultation, the initiation of the CEO selection process for the new college, supporting the Minister in the appointment of the new college board, moving from three locations into a single location and aligning the policies and processes that are required on the first day the new college comes into existence. Staff of the three colleges have been planning for this phase of work over the last year and are eager to move forward. 

Benefits of one nursing regulator

CLPNBC, CRNBC and CRPNBC have been working together for some time to prepare for the one nursing regulator. The three colleges have already made the decision to move into a single location together, and signed a declaration of intent to form a single nursing regulator in June, 2017. Last week's legislative change is another key milestone.

All three Colleges believe strongly that a single regulatory college for all nurses will foster collaboration between professionals, reduce complexity for the public, employers and professionals, and enhance public safety by facilitating more efficient and effective regulation of the nursing workforce.

The creation of one nursing regulator for B.C. will continue to focus on public safety by establishing one point of contact for nursing regulation in the province of B.C while streamlining services for nurses and other groups such as nurse educators and nurse employers throughout the province. This will create a unified regulatory voice and greater clarity around the professional roles and responsibilities of nurses.

The new college will allow for common standards where appropriate, and clearly differentiated scope standards where needed, for all nurses in the province. This will provide greater clarity around their professional responsibilities, while respecting and maintaining the differences among nursing disciplines.

This will create even more opportunities to work towards and incorporate best practices in regulation.


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