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Change to eligible practice hours accepted for 5-year requirement

​Posted Oct. 5, 2016

Updated: Feb. 21, 2018

In September, the CRNBC Registration Committee clarified the type of practice hours registrants can count towards their five-year basic practice hours requirement. The changes were made to ensure that the hours used for the practice hours fall within a registrant's scope of practice and meet the CRNBC Standards of Practice. The changes include:

Caring for family: Time spent caring for family members can no longer be counted toward the basic practice hours requirement.

Volunteering (excluding caring for family members): Volunteer hours can continue to be counted if:

  • The registrant provides evidence satisfactory to the Registration Committee that the work falls within the definition of the practice of nursing and within the CRNBC Standards of Practice.
  • The volunteer position is with a recognized organization, e.g., children’s camps, humanitarian organizations or special events.

Why were these changes made?

Volunteering outside of structured positions and caring for family members is work that generally has very little oversight, no job description or peer feedback. As a result, it’s difficult to ensure that the role is:

  • Within the practice of nursing, 
  • Based on RN/NP specialised body of knowledge,
  • Within the appropriate scope of practice and CRNBC Standards of Practice.

In particular, when caring for family, it is difficult to establish and maintain professional boundaries, as well as ensure informed consent, appropriate documentation, confidentiality and to consistently use a specialized body of nursing knowledge.


If you have questions about this change in policy or whether your practice hours are eligible, please contact registration at or 604.736.7331 (1.800.565.6505 toll-free).

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Meeting your practice hours requirement in 2017

During renewal 2017, in most cases, a registrant will be allowed to submit hours associated with caring for family members or volunteer work if they were completed before September 30, 2016.  Volunteer hours worked after this date must meet the criteria above. Hours caring for family cannot be counted towards the basic practice hours requirement after September 30, 2016.

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