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Provisional registration and NCLEX

What employers need to know

posted Dec 4, 2015​

When the National Council Licensure Examination for RNs (NCLEX-RN) replaced the CRNE as the Canadian national nursing exam earlier this year, taking the test became more convenient for writers. The exam can be taken year-round, and results are delivered almost instantly. However, these conveniences may have made it a little harder for employers to keep track of when their employees with provisional registration are writing the exam, and know what happens next depending on their results. Here are the answers to common questions, and where to go to get more information.

How do I know when my employees are writing the exam?

The NCLEX can be written year-round, so we recommend that employers touch base with their employees and find out when each individual is planning to write the exam.

What happens if they fail?

If you have an employee with provisional registration and they fail on their first attempt, they are able to keep working and take the test again. Their conditions will be updated to reflect that they need to retake the exam.

However, if they fail their second attempt, they are no longer eligible to hold provisional registration. Their registration expiry date will be changed from the last day of February to the last day of the month following their exam fail (typically six to eight weeks after receiving their results). Learn more. 

How will I know if my employee passes or fails?

If a nurse with provisional registration passes the exam, their status will automatically be converted to “practising.” It is up to the individual to share this result with their employer(s).

If a nurse with provisional registration fails the exam on their first attempt, they are responsible for informing their employer(s) of their result and changes to their provisional registration conditions. Applicants are required to provide CRNBC with contact information for their employer(s) before writing the exam a second time.

If they fail the exam a second time, CRNBC will contact the employer using the contact information provided by the registrant to notify them of the date that their employee’s provisional registration will expire. This notification is sent a minimum of four weeks prior to the expiry date.

Is there anything else I should be doing?

As with all nurse employees, we recommend that employers verify the registration of their employees with provisional registration on a regular basis using our Nurse Verification tool.

For more information, please visit Provisional registration and NCLEX.





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