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CRNBC supports a strong professional association

Message from the Registrar/CEO

posted May 4, 2015

The B.C. nursing profession is experiencing challenging times.

Nurses throughout the province have shared with CRNBC their concerns and acute sense of loss when the College came under the Health Professions Act and could no longer provide nurses with association-related supports. We recognize the loss nurses felt when we could no longer play an advocacy role on their behalf.

We believe a strong professional voice for all nurses in British Columbia is essential, and we are confident in the direction ARNBC has taken.

CRNBC has worked closely with ARNBC since their inception five years ago. We have been impressed with the leadership they have shown, their advocacy on behalf of nurses at all levels of the healthcare system, and their ability to work to fill the void left when RNABC transformed to CRNBC.

The college recognizes and appreciates the work and dedication of the nurses who founded and now support ARNBC. The CRNBC Board made the decision to transfer funds to the association because we believe it is in the best interest of the public. We also believe a strong association is in the best interest of nurses.

The college is very concerned with BCNU’s legal action against the association and against CRNBC, viewing it as both counterproductive and not in the interest of B.C. nurses or the public they care for. The people of B.C. deserve a strong nursing profession, supported by the college, association and union each performing their function.

 I invite you to read my blog post on this issue for some background and history on the nursing profession in B.C.

Cynthia Johansen


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