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Nurses can now leave practice at any time. Verify often!

Information for employers

​posted Dec. 4, 2015

We strongly encourage employers to review the registration status of their nurse employees on a monthly basis, as nurses are now able to leave nursing practice at any time. Checking that they have Practising registration status regularly is the only way to verify that your employee is legally entitled to practise.

Verify up to 2,000 nurses in seconds!

You can confirm the registration of up to 2,000 nurses at a time in just seconds using CRNBC’s nurse verification tool. To do this:

  • Go to the nurse verification tool.
  • Select your search type as "Nurse ID."
  • Make sure to select the check box "search multiple nurse IDs."
  • Copy and paste the ID numbers of the nurses you would like to verify into the search box. IDs should contain a space or be a delimited text file.
  • Click "Search."
  • Review your results.

You may elect to export your results to an excel file. To export to excel, simply click on "Export Result to Excel" on the top of the page. This export feature includes extra fields:

  • Nurse ID
  • Current Employer
  • Future Status


If you have questions or are having trouble verifying multiple nurses at a time, please contact  

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