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Supreme Court decision

Posted Feb. 19, 2016

Please see Physician-assisted dying: the role of the nurse

posted Feb. 12, 2015

Decision by the​​ Supreme Court on physician-assisted death​

The recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada on the issue of physician-assisted death may raise questions for both nurses and the public.  The Court's decision marks the early stages of understanding its impact on regulatory frameworks for nurses and other regulated health professionals. As the Supreme Court stated, it has deferred its declaration for a period of one year respecting the provisions of the Criminal Code and allowing the federal and provincial governments time to draft and consider any new legislative requirements. 

At present, CRNBC is undertaking the first steps to examine, research and understand the regulatory matters relevant to this issue. The Court's decision and any future legislative actions will be monitored and reviewed by the College to understand its implications for our regulatory work.

In fulfilling our role to regulate nurses in the public interest, CRNBC is committed to careful consideration and a measured approach to ensure that BC's nursing regulation adapts to the ongoing changes and complexities of Canada's health care system. We will continue to communicate on this issue through our website and e-newsletters as more information becomes available.

If have any questions or concerns related to nursing standards, you may contact one of our Nursing Practice Consultants at or by phone at 604.736.7331 ext. 332. ​


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