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Public advisory — David Turner Robert

posted May 20, 2015

Public Advi​sory

CRNBC recently received information that former registrant David Turner Robert was working as a registered nurse while not holding practising registration. He was using the registered nurse title, contrary to the Health Professions Act (HPA).

When CRNBC contacted Mr. Robert, he advised the College that he was not working as a registered nurse in British Columbia. Contrary to Mr. Robert's assertions, follow up with Mr. Robert's former employer confirmed that he had been working as a registered nurse in B.C. as recently as February 2015.

​This notice is to advise the public that David Turner Robert does not have practising registration, cannot work as a registered nurse, and cannot use the registered nurse title in B.C.

Additional inform​​ation

More about N​urse Verification

In B.C., only individuals registered with CRNBC can legally call themselves a registered nurse or provide duties legally restricted to the profession of registered nursing.

Under the HPA, CRNBC maintains a register of individuals who are regulated by the College. The register helps the public confirm that a person — who is providing registered nursing or nurse practitioner services in B.C. — is registered with CRNBC.

​Visit the nurse verification site to check a nurse's registration status. 

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