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Request for Expressions of Interest: Simulation Lab Assessment Facility

​posted March 27, 2015

On behalf of the Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS), the CRNBC is issuing a request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the purpose of inviting qualified proponents to respond with a written proposal to provide a Simulation Lab to pilot Simulation Lab Assessments for Internationally Educated Practitioners (IEPs) for four nursing professions. Proponents can indicate an interest in providing a Simulation Lab to assess two nursing roles OR all four nursing roles.​

Summary of Key Information

EOI Name: Simulation Lab Assessment Facility for Pilot

EOI Issued By: CRNBC

EOI Issue Date: Friday March 27, 2015

EOI Closing Date: Friday, April 10, 2015, 9:00 AM PST

EOI Contact Persons: Lynn CairnsNatasha Dookie (email communication only)​

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pick the two roles we are interested in providing assessments for?

​Yes, you can choose two that you prefer to support.

Can we use medium fidelity mannequins or must the mannequins be high fidelity?

​We need to maintain the concurrent use of high fidelity. No medium fidelity mannequins are to be used.

Are pediatric or child mannequins needed or only adult?

​Only adult.

To confirm, we can schedule up to 4 IEPs in one time block, with 4 stations and one assessor per station - all doing assessments at the same time and have the IEPs rotate from one station to the next?

​Running 4 applicants through at the same time (concurrently) is preferable.

Do time estimates for scenario completion include completion of all required scenarios for that role – for example would an IEP HCA assessment of 30 minutes be the total time for completion of all 4 scenarios or is it 30 minutes each?

The length of time for these scenarios are:

  • Up to 55 minutes for RPN per scenario
  • Up to 40 minutes for RN per scenario
  • Up to 35 minutes for LPN per scenario
  • Up to 30 minutes for HCA per scenario

Following each of these Simulation Lab Assessments, the IEPs will complete a 10 to 15 minute oral assessment (per scenario).  

If each station requires up to 15 oral assessments to follow the completion of that station, is it about 60 minutes of oral assessment time per IEP?

​It depends on the role, for example HCAs will have 10 minutes per scenario to a total of 40 minutes.    

For the remaining roles, it could be up to a maximum of 60 minutes for the total assessment time.

With the setup and preparation, can we limit it to one nursing role assessment per day?


To estimate costs, can you tell us what types of scenarios and supplies/equipment will be required for the assessments?

​Consider supplies one would use for typical patient needs, such as gowns, dressing trays, infusion tubing, oxygen tubing, medications and required supplies for administration.

Of the 10 assessment days who decides the dates? Do you want the schools to submit the available dates that meet the parameters as part of the EOI?

​Schools submit the available dates between mid-August 2015 and the end of October 2015.

Note: There was an error in the EOI that stated "early October" - it should have said "end of October."

What if the detail I want to include doesn't fit in the chart?

Please use the chart and then if needed, use appendices to elaborate on details.

To clarify, a formal business plan and/or proposal is not what you are looking for at this time?

We are not looking for a formal business plan at this time.

The request for EOI states that CRNBC and NCAS is not looking for the assessors, but rather someone to oversee and organize the pilot and provide technical support. Is this correct?

​Yes, our expectation is not for the site to provide assessors, assessors will be recruited and trained by NCAS. 

Please refer to the responsibilities section in the EOI. Please see item #7 in the chart.

When are the pilot dates?

​Schools submit the available dates between mid-August 2015 and the end of October 2015.

Note: There was an error in the EOI that stated "early October" - it should have said "end of October."

I can't find section 2.3 - referenced on page 3/7.

Page 3/7 should read “Please see section 2, question 19 related to pricing requirements.” ​

We apologize for this error. 

Who decides the pilot schedule?

You can propose a schedule.

When are SPs, candidates and assessors available?

After you propose a schedule, the Assessment Coordinator will coordinate the SPs, candidates and assessors.

Can we book assessments for evenings and weekends in September and October?

It is up to you to propose times.

What about coffee and lunch breaks for the assessors?

We expect proponents to build coffee and lunch breaks for the assessors and SPs into the schedule.

What is your timing preference for assessments?

It is up to proponents to decide the timing (all together or spread out) so that all assessments are done by the end of October. 

Do you want the HCA and RPN together during same week or can we get all HCAs completed and then move on to RPN?

 It is up to you to propose.

If we are planning to offer four nursing groups, can we mix up LPN or RN with HCA or RPN testing, if the schedule works?

It is up to you to propose.

Can the four rooms for oral assessment be the same rooms the assessor accesses for video review (double scoring)?


When would viewing of videos for double scoring happen?

This occurs post assessment. Time is required between assessments for assessors to rescore. 

It is unlikely there will be time for assessors to review the videos after each candidate, if you are trying to get 6-8 candidates through the testing. Therefore, the reviews should be at the end of a cycle or at the end of the day.

How many assessors are there?

There are four assessors, one assigned to each station. No additional assessors are involved in double scoring.

How we can identify costs for supplies if we don't know the scenarios?

Create an estimate based on your past experience.

How many scenarios will a candidate go through?

Please see requirements 15-18 in the Request for Expression of Interest (page 5).

Does each station with a mannequin need a technician?

If you have a technician that can simultaneously operate more than one mannequin, you may not need one technician per mannequin. 

Can we have one technician on standby for the two mannequin simulations in case there are technical issues?

See previous question. It is up to you to determine if a standby technician is required.

Can we pre-program mannequins for scenarios?

Pre-programming is not allowed because vital signs will change.

Can the SP be trained to move the scenario forward as required?

SPs will not have any responsibility for moving a scenario forward. This will be up to the assessor. 

How much time will assessors need for reviewing videos?

Assessors will need an hour per candidate performance in each scenario.

Are the tablets just for scoring or can they be used for other things, e.g., to store video?

Tablets are for scoring only. Tablets will be provided by NCAS.

Will there be a SP for each room regardless of whether they are the voice for a mannequin?

Every station will have a SP. Mannequins will have a SP voice and an F2F scenario.

Can you extend the deadline?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the deadline.

What are your expectations for video storage?

You should describe your plan for long term storage of the videos.

Is the oral assessment time (10 minutes) included in the simulation time (30 minutes)?

Yes, the 10 minutes fits within the 30 minutes for the HCA assessment.

How can we fit 100 candidates into 10 days?

The 100 candidates relates to the total number of candidates being assessed in the pilot (30 RN, 30 LPN, 30 HCA, 10 RPN's).

If you propose to conduct the assessments for all 4 roles, you will have 20 days to complete.

Is the double scoring room available after the scenarios and on that day or on another day?

​The rooms should be available after the scenarios have been conducted.

Does a second assessor score from a live stream in real time or does the same assessor go back and re-score?

​The second assessor does not score from a live stream in real time. Double scoring will occur either at the end of the day or on another day. In scheduling the assessments, you will need to plan time for the assessors to double score. 

Are the oral assessment interviews filmed?

Yes, they are. The 10-15 minute oral assessment that follows each scenario must be filmed for double scoring purposes.

Where will the money for this pilot project be housed?

The money for this project will be housed with CRNBC and service providers will invoice CRNBC.

Do we provide a room for the assessors to double score or can the links to the recordings be provided and the double scoring completed off campus?

​You can provide a room for double scoring or provide links to the recordings as long as they are on a secure platform.

How much time is required for double scoring each candidate assessment?

One hour is required for double scoring each scenario. The oral assessment is also double scored within that time.

Are there any funds available in addition to those identified in the EOI?

​It is up to you to determine how to utilize the budget identified. No additional funds are available.


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