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2014-15 Annual Report

posted June 17, 2015
updated June 25, 2015

Our 2014-15 annual report is now online.

The report contains financial statements, committee reports and in-depth look at how CRNBC fulfills its regulatory mandate while leading as a relational regulator.

The full picture

In this report, we expanded our registrant reporting with statistics such as how many nurses are working in B.C. (p. 16) and the origins of our new registrants (p. 17). Additionally, our complaints processes are thoroughly explored in a new section (p. 19) that delves into how we protect the public through addressing complaints about registered nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed graduate nurses.

Questions the report answers

  • What were the last year’s highlights? (p. 8)
  • How do we “walk the talk” of public accountability? (p. 3)
  • Where do nurses’ fees go? (p. 28)
  • How do nurses’ fees compare year-over-year? (p. 4)
  • How many applications did we process last year? (p. 14)
  • How many complaints did we receive last year? (p. 19)
  • What is our financial position? (p. 29)
  • What issues are we collaborating on? (p. 2)

Please note that figures appearing on page 16 were updated on June 25, 2015.


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