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Professional Support Program to end

posted Sept. 29, 2014

M​​​aking way for new opportunities to connect​

Recently, the College has been reviewing a number of our programs, including our Professional Support Program (PSP), to ensure that they line up with our responsibilities as a regulator. We reached out to consult with a variety of stakeholders and shared our findings in a report.

As a result of this feedback, the College has decided it will be retiring the PSP. When the representative program was first introduced in 1984, the nursing landscape and use of technology in BC was vastly different. Bulletin board notices, on-site visits and snail mail were representative program mainstays and were effective in their time for achieving the program goals. Thirty years later—while the goals of the PSP are still relevant—how we achieve these goals has changed dramatically. The arrival of email, social media and the Internet fundamentally changed how we communicate with our program volunteers and nurses in BC.

Through the external consultation, PSP volunteers, nurses and other stakeholders told us that that the program approach was no longer helping us to meet our goals.

While the PSP is ending, our relationship with nurses is only growing stronger. There are new ways to be involved with the College as we move forward and we will be sharing more about those opportunities in the coming weeks and months.

To all past and present PSP (formerly the Workplace Representative Program) volunteers: We thank you. Throughout the program’s 30-year history, your commitment, professionalism and expertise helped promote professional practice and self-regulation. We look forward to connecting with you in new ways!

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