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NP Prescribing — Update

Posted Jan. 14, 2014

In December, we provided an update on consultations held in the fall on draft standards, limits and conditions for NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances. Working with the feedback received, the Prescribing Standard is being revised for the consideration of the Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee and CRNBC’s Board.

Developing a statement of competencies for NP prescribing

The next step is the development of a statement of competencies for NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances. An expert panel is being convened in early February to support this work. This work is being facilitated by NP faculty from the University of Washington whose area of specialization is NP prescribing. The panel itself is made up of nurse practitioners, pharmacists and physicians who specialize in pain and other domains where controlled drugs and substances are frequently prescribed. The panel will develop a draft statement of competencies for consultation with the NP community.

The statement of competencies will be a resource for NPs developing learning plans to acquire controlled drugs and substances prescribing competencies. The competencies are also used to determine eligibility for initial NP registration. As well, they are used in NP Quality Assurance, e.g., in the onsite chart reviews.

Stay tuned for your opportunity to provide input into the competencies.

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