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National Nursing Assessment Service

Starting Aug. 12, 2014, the nursing application process will be streamlined for internationally-educated applicants. This new process standardizes many of the requirements for applicants seeking registration in every province except Quebec.

updated Feb. 6, 2014

posted Jan. 27, 2014

Changes to the application process for internationally-educated applicants

Introducing the new National Nursing Assessment Service

Starting August 12, 2014, internationally-educated nurses who want to work as a registered nurse in Canada will use a new streamlined application process. This new process standardizes many of the requirements for applicants seeking registration in every province, except Quebec.

Applicants will send their documents and credentials to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). NNAS will complete a document assessment for all applicants. Then the NNAS will notify applicants that they can apply for nursing registration in the province of their choice, except Quebec.

If applicants want to apply as an RN in British Columbia, they would then apply to CRNBC to complete the assessment of their eligibility. For most applicants, this includes a competence-based assessment (SEC).


Applicants can: 

  • complete and pay for their NNAS initial assessment online
  • track the progress of their application online
  • apply to any jurisdiction in Canada, except Quebec, after completing the NNAS assessment
  • send their credentials and other documents to just one centralized location
  • use the 1-800 customer service telephone number for help in English or French


If you have already submitted your application to CRNBC, your application will be assessed under the current process. The current application process applies to all applications received until August 12, 2014.

We will post more details on our website in the coming months.


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