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Meet the chair

​posted Nov. 12, 2014

As she reflects on the past year, Mary Kjorven feels like it took most of the year to adjust to her new role as the CRNBC board chair.

That said, she’s excited about the year ahead and is looking forward to new challenges, now that she’s been re-elected for another 12-month term.

“It took some time to understand the role and get up to speed with everything happening. I’m very grateful for the staff. They work very hard and make it a pleasure to serve as chair,” she says.

A clinical nurse specialist in gerontology

Mary is a clinical nurse specialist in gerontology, has completed her masters degree in nursing and is now working on her PhD. She lives in Peachland and works for Interior Health —much of her time is spent travelling throughout the region, where she works to mitigate risks of hospitalization in older patients.

Her focus for the coming year

She is serving her fourth year on the CRNBC board and second year as chair. In the coming year, she will continue to focus on transitioning programs and services from CNRBC to the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (ARNBC). Strengthening the Quality Assurance Program is another important goal going forward.

“It’s part of our strategic plan. For nurses, keeping current in your practice is so important. Part of the QA Program is to support peer feedback and goal setting. We’d like to see more collaboration with the three separate health regulators because our mandate is the same and that’s protection of the public,” she explains.

She hopes to see the three groups —College of Registered Nurses of BC, College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC and College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC —all working together seamlessly in the area of quality assurance within the next five years.

Mary is also committed to relational regulation and moving from a “rules-based to a principles-based philosophy.”

“We all believe that patient safety is our top priority, and the most important standard is accountability. Getting all nurses to understand jurisprudence and their responsibilities and accountabilities is very important, and it’s all part of relational regulation,” she adds.

Highlights from the past year

So far as highlights from the past year, Mary says she was thrilled to attend the inaugural meeting of the Health Profession Regulators of BC, led by Cynthia Johansen, CRNBC Registrar/CEO and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

“It was historic because it was the first time a group like that has all gotten together. We’re looking at sharing resources, how we can all work together in areas and strengthen self-regulation.”

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