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Criminal Record Checks

The provincial Criminal Record Review Program made two changes to the their process that affects the criminal record check (CRC). Every nurse undergoes a CRC every 5 years as part of their registration renewal.

updated Feb. 7, 2014

posted Jan. 30, 2014

Changes affecting criminal record checks

The provincial Criminal Record Review Program made the following two changes to their process in November 2013.

Fee Increase

The criminal record check fee increased from $20 to $28. This is a Criminal Record Review Program fee, not a CRNBC fee. The money collected is passed directly to the Criminal Record Review Program.

Vulnerable Sector search Criteria has changed

Criminal record checks include a Vulnerable Sector Check (which is a search of the Pardoned Sex Offender database completed by the RCMP). This check was previously done using a person’s name, birth date and gender. It is now done using a combination of name and/or date of birth and/or gender. The search criteria decision was made solely by the RCMP with the intention of eliminating the possibility of an offender changing their name to circumvent a criminal record.  

Reminder of other related policies


If a match is found during the Vulnerable Sector Check, the Criminal Record Review Program will advise the nurse that he or she must be fingerprinted to complete their criminal record check. Under the Criminal Record Review Act, agreeing to a criminal record check includes agreeing to fingerprinting. 

Nurses who refuse fingerprinting will be referred to CRNBC’s Professional Conduct Review.

The only exception to the fingerprinting requirement is for nurses living outside of Canada. These nurses will have to call CRNBC to discuss their options.

Criminal record checks for non-practising registrants

Non-practising registrants must complete a criminal record check every five years.

Name changes

As a reminder, please be advised that if you wish to have your name changed on the College’s register, you will need to provide a notarized copy of the name change to CRNBC. This is required under the Criminal Records Review Act.

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