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Care delivery models

Care delivery models and a nurse's ability to meet his/her nursing standards.

posted March 7, 2014

Staff Mix and Patient Ratios

CRNBC does not have a role in establishing staff mix and ratios. Staffing is set by employers, who are not regulated by the College. We protect the public primarily by setting nursing standards and supporting nurses to meet the standards. However, we recognize that practice environments, including staff mix and patient ratios, can play a significant role in a nurse's ability to meet the standards of practice.

We sometimes hear from nurses who are concerned about changes to care delivery models and their ability to meet standards. Resolving professional practice problems can be difficult and complex.

One of the ways we support nurses is by helping them take their concerns forward using the CRNBC Standards of Practice. If you are concerned about meeting your standards and the impact on patient safety—even if the cause of the problem seems to be at the system level—please contact us.

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