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Call for NPs to Volunteer

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) is looking for NPs from across Canada to help develop the NP Practice Analysis.

posted April 11, 2014

The following announcement is from the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR). The CCRNR is an organization made up of representatives from Canada’s 12 provincial/territorial bodies that regulate the practice of registered nurses.

 Call for NP Volunteers for Canadian Nurse Practitioner Practice Analysis

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) is seeking nurse practitioners (NPs) from diverse practice settings and geographical regions across Canada to assist in the development of the NP Practice Analysis. NPs can participate by volunteering to be a member of one of three Subject Matter Expert Panels or by pilot testing the survey tool. NP participation in both roles is key in creating an accurate and valid survey tool.

Subject Matter Expert Panel Volunteers

Three Subject Matter Expert panels will provide clinical expertise to the NP Practice Analysis Working Group, Research Advisory Committee, and ProExam (the vendor conducting the survey) in the development of the survey tool.

Each panel will consist of eight NPs who are active practicing clinicians within three streams of practice (Family/All Ages, Pediatrics or Adult). Panel members will be required to attend a 1½ day face-to-face meeting in either July or August, 2014 (meeting dates are confirmed as below). Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Dates and locations for the SME panels

Adult: July 10-11, Edmonton
Pediatric: July 21-22, Toronto
Family/All Ages: August 11-12, Halifax

Panel members will also be required to participate in a minimum of one follow-up virtual meeting.  Please note that proficiency in written and spoken English is required for participation on the SME panels.

Survey Pilot Test Volunteers

In October 2014, three groups of 10 NPs from each practice stream will participate in the pilot test of the web-based NP Practice Analysis survey (which will take approximately two hours). Feedback from the pilot test of the survey will be used to finalize the survey tool.

The pilot testing will be conducted in both English and French.

Expression of Interest and Application Process

If you wish to volunteer for one of the SME panels or to participate in the pilot test, please email Carla Taylor, Registration Advisor, Nurse Practitioners by April 28 with your expression of interest. Carla will forward the names and email addresses of interested NPs to CCRNR, who will then contact applicants by email and provide a link to ProExam’s online application form.

Please provide the following information in your expression of interest:

  • Name
  • Registration/licensure number
  • Email address
  • Stream of practice
  • Volunteer Role of Interest (Panel, Test Pilot, both)

Applicants will be notified of the role for which they have been selected by May 31.

The NP Practice Analysis will provide a comprehensive description of NP practice in Canada. This analysis will inform future decisions about NP licensure examinations. For more information on the NP Practice Analysis, please visit the CCRNR website.

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