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Bill 17 update

Some legislative barriers to NP practice removed

posted June 24, 2014

Bill 17 — Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2014

Bill 17, which removed a number of legislative barriers to nurse practitioner practice, received Royal Assent on May 29, 2014. These changes allow nurse practitioners to officially sign off on a range of legal and administrative documents that verify they have examined or treated a patient.

Eleven changes involving nine Acts were made. Implementation is relation to six of the Acts is effective immediately while implementation is delayed in relation to three of the Acts pending further regulatory changes by government.

Be mindful that further processes and policies may need to be changed in your individual workplaces to enable you to carry out these activities.

Changes now in effect

SECTION 81: (Hospital Act, section 20) authorizes a nurse practitioner to certify that a person is dead so that the body may be removed from a licensed hospital.

SECTION 102: (Vital Statistics Act, section 11)

  • is consequential to amendments made by this Bill to section 1 of the Act;
  • replaces a requirement to provide a statement respecting a stillbirth to the registrar general with a requirement to provide the statement to a vital statistics registrar;
  • clarifies the form in which medical certificates must be provided, authorizes nurse practitioners to provide medical certificates if no medical practitioner was in attendance, and authorizes medical certificates to be provided to vital statistics registrars.

SECTION 109: (Vital Statistics Act, section 18) requires a nurse practitioner to complete a medical certificate in specified circumstances and to make the certificate available to a funeral director or, if a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner did not attend the death or the certificate cannot be completed, to notify a coroner.

SECTION 121: (Vital Statistics Act, section 38) authorizes the registrar general officer to issue a copy or electronic extract of a registration of a death or stillbirth to a nurse practitioner who requires the copy or extract to treat a life-threatening illness suffered by a member of the deceased's immediate family.

SECTION 135: (Coroners Act, section 2) removes the requirement to report to a coroner the death of a person who was under the care of a nurse practitioner.

SECTION 137: (Family Law Act, section 62) authorizes a nurse practitioner to provide a written statement indicating that it is not appropriate that parenting time or contact with an ill child be exercised.

SECTION 140: (Wildlife Act, section 88) authorizes a nurse practitioner to certify that a person's blood contains less than 50 mg of alcohol to 100 ml of blood, in which case a conservation officer or constable must return to the person a surrendered firearm and licence.

SECTION 145: (Youth Justice Act, section 29) authorizes a nurse practitioner to certify a young person's health so that the person in charge of a youth custody centre may accept the young person into custody.

further work is required by Government to change the following:

SECTION 136: (Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act, section 2)

SECTION 138: (School Act, section 92)

SECTION 144: (Workers Compensation Act, section 1)

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