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Bill 17 and Nurse Practitioners

Proposed Bill will expand NPs' practice.

posted April 1, 2014

Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2014

Staff at CRNBC have received inquiries from nurse practitioners (NPs) about anticipated changes to NP practice as a result of British Columbia government’s Bill 17. The proposed Bill 17 changes are not yet in force. 

Bill 17 received first reading in the legislature in early March. 

Part 7 of the Bill encompasses health amendments which include changes that impact NPs. At the time of first reading, there are proposed changes to nine acts which could enable NP practice. Many of the changes would authorize NPs to undertake and document patient assessments for the purpose of reporting to government and related agencies.

For bills to be passed into law they undergo three readings in the legislature. During this process, amendments may be made to a bill.

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