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Retirement Survey

Earlier this year, we surveyed nurses about when they planned to retire.

posted November 19, 2013

Nearly half (46%) of the 5,007 nurses who responded to a recent CRNBC survey said they are planning for retirement. The response includes 182 nurses who indicated they were already retired. Of those who have plans, the breakdown for when is:

  • 31% in the next two years
  • 30% in the next two to five years
  • 21% in the next six to ten years
  • 9% in the next 11 to 15 years
  • 4% in the next 16 to 20 years
  • 5% over 20 years from now

The survey was sent to 36,743 practising and non-practising RN’s, LGNs, and NPs in August 2013. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Of those with a planned retirement time:

  • 54% said they will continue their registration with CRNBC after retirement and continue working either on a casual basis or self-employed. 
  • About 24% said they will maintain non-practicing registration.
  • 3% said they will stop work at retirement and cease their professional status and registration with CRNBC.

When comparing the results of this survey with an identical survey conducted with registrants in 2011 the responses were remarkably similar and from similar demographic sources.

The results of the 2013 survey will help CRNBC predict and track the increase/decline of registrants over the next several years and assist with financial and resource planning.

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