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Prescribing marijuana

CRNBC is currently developing new regulatory standards related to anticipated provincial regulation that will allows nurse practitioners (NPs) to prescribe medical marijuana.

posted July 5, 2013

New regulations to change how Canadians access medical marijuana

New provincial regulation is expected to give nurse practitioners (NPs) the ability to prescribe medical marijuana. CRNBC is developing standards to regulate this new authority. In June 2013, the Government of Canada introduced new regulations that changes the way Canadians access marijuana for medical purposes. They will help ensure safe distribution of medical marijuana. The changes reflect feedback from key stakeholders, including CRNBC and other health regulators. Under these new federal regulations, patients prescribed medical marijuana will register with, and order directly from, a Licensed Producer. These new regulations include important information for practitioners.


  • Individuals do not need to provide personal medical information to Health Canada. Health care practitioners will sign a medical document. This document will allow patients to purchase the appropriate amount directly from a Health Canada-approved Licensed Producer.
  • Under the new program, the only legal source of marijuana for medical purposes for Canadians is from Licensed Producers.
  • To ease the transition from the current program to the new system, both will operate concurrently until March 31, 2014. On April 1, 2014, Health Canada will no longer produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes.

These federal regulations have not yet been adopted in B.C. NPs in British Columbia are not currently authorized to prescribe narcotics and controlled substances. The final decision rests with the provincial government. 


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