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Not Your Average Library

The CRNBC Helen Randal library hosts one of the best nursing collections in Canada. In addition, the reference, database and other online services are exceptional.

posted Oct. 2, 2013

Our Helen Randal Library is Canada’s largest full-service specialty nursing practice library. The library is home to:

  • books
  • e-books
  • e-journals
  • audiovisual resources
  • online resources
  • inquisitive and helpful reference librarians

Grow yo​​​ur practice

The library is a resource for nurses to read and reflect on standards and their clinical practice. It can be a great way to complement your quality assurance and professional development plan.

Who uses the​​ library?

Of its almost 16,000 registered users, more than half are RNs and NPs involved in direct patient care. On average, 68% come from the Lower Mainland and 32% from all other parts of BC. If you're in BC, we'll send you books free of charge.

Access our colle​ction online

Last fall we began including a link in our newsletter, Nursing Matters, to new clinical resources in the library. Since then, 301 new library users were referred to the library, mostly by nursing colleagues. Over the same period, our digital holdings took a great leap forward. You can now access 820 e-journals, 664 online clinical practice guidelines, and 83 e-books.

Not your ave​rage questions

Our reference librarians field about 2,500 reference questions every year. Here are some recent stand-outs:

  1. What is in the literature on intraoperative injury from being in lithotomy (leg stirrups) position during hysterectomy?
  2. Is there any literature on management of pepper spray exposures in a primary care clinic?
  3. Can you find me anything on infection control re: use of hand held devices (cell phones, etc.) in a healthcare setting?
  4. Is there any evidence-based literature on risk of neonatal infections stemming from breast pump use?
  5. Can you send me the current practice on curbing head lice in public schools?

What are nurses ​​saying about the library?

  • “Oh my goodness! You are amazing! We were having a discussion at work today about the use of Dakins and EUSOL. My peers were very pleased to hear that there are some research articles available to us.”
  • “Thank you VERY much for all your work! I am going to take a read through the articles and I will likely pass on your book recommendations!”
  • “Thank you for answering so quickly and for taking the time to provide pertinent information. I appreciate it!”

Visit the library

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