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Dispensing Medication Practice Standard — revised

The Dispensing Medications Practice Standard has been revised. The revised version takes effect June 27, 2014.

posted Oct.​ 1, 2013

We have made important revisions to the Dispensing Medications Practice Standard, which was introduced in 2009 and last revised in 2010.

The practice standard now clarifies when dispensing occurs and clarifies that nurses may dispense with or without the involvement of a pharmacist. Most importantly, it sets out the responsibilities that nurses have when they take steps to ensure the pharmaceutical and therapeutic suitability of a medication for its intended use. Nurses do this if a pharmacist has not been involved.

An effective date of June 27, 2014 will give employers and nurses time to work toward implementation.

Surveying nurses was part of our review of this standard. We were delighted with an enthusiastic responsemore than 600 nurses responded. We thank everyone who took part. Nurses' insight and comments helped validate and refine the draft practice standard.

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