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Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) is launching a project to analyse NP practice in Canada.

posted Nov. 15, 2013

The following announcement is from the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR). The CCRNR is an organization made up of representatives from Canada’s 12 provincial/territorial bodies that regulate the practice of registered nurses.

CCRNR Announces National Nurse Practitioner Practice Analysis

In support of a national approach for nurse practitioner licensure/registration, the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) is pleased to announce that it has launched a project to analyse nurse practitioner (NP) practice across Canada.


Currently, the exams and requirements for licensure or registration of nurse practitioners (NP) differ from province to province. The NP practice analysis will provide a comprehensive description of the entry-level knowledge, skills and abilities required in three streams of NP practice:

  • family/all ages
  • adult
  • pediatric


The outcomes of the NP practice analysis will:

  1. form the basis of one or more entry-level exams for NPs in Canada.
  2. help develop consistent requirements for NP licensure/registration across the country: enabling NPs to work in different provinces more easily and help internationally educated NPs to more readily integrate into the workforce.


The NP practice analysis project will be conducted in phases over approximately 15 months, with the final report anticipated by December 2014.

CCRNR Working Group

A national working group, consisting of representatives from eight of the 12 Canadian nursing regulators, has been established by CCRNR to coordinate the various phases of this project. This working group will be responsible for recommending individuals to participate in a research advisory group as well as three subject matter expert panels of NPs and NP educators. The working group will also act as a liaison between CCRNR and the vendor selected to conduct the NP Practice Analysis.

For more information

CCRNR will issue regular updates as the NP practice analysis project progresses. Further information can always be obtained by contacting Beth Ann Kenny at


The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators is comprised of the Chief Executive Officers/Executive Directors of Canada’s 12 nursing regulatory bodies. This Council provides a formal mechanism for nurse regulators to work together in promoting excellence in professional nursing regulation, and serves as a national forum on provincial/territorial, national and global regulatory matters in nursing.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

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