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New Classes of Practitioners Regulations

Health Canada has developed the proposed New Classes of Practitioners Regulations (NCPR).

posted Nov. 26, 2012

Controlled Substances Update

The New Classes of Practitioners Regulations have been published in Part II of the Canada Gazette and are now in force on a federal level.

CRNBC welcomes this news and will take a thoughtful approach to putting the changes in place. Among other considerations, the changes will require integration within our province’s regulatory model.  

How does this affect nurse practitioners?

As with any legislative change, it takes a while for changes to come into effect.

As we go forward, it is important to understand that, even though the changes were approved at the federal level, NPs are not yet authorized to prescribe narcotics and controlled substances in the province. The final decision rests with the provincial Minister of Health. 

Next steps

CRNBC will continue to work with the provincially-legislated Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee to determine the necessary requirements. We will also work in partnership with the Ministry of Health and other provincial regulators to develop an approach that ensures public protection. CRNBC and other Canadian nursing regulatory bodies are working together to develop a unified approach.

There will be appropriate consultation before decisions are made. Nurse practitioners will be part of stakeholder consultations. Given the timing of this federal announcement, next steps will commence in the new year.

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