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CRNBC's New Registrar/CEO

CRNBC is pleased to announce Cynthia Johansen as its new Registrar/CEO. She will commense this position in April 2012.

posted Jan. 26, 2012

Message from CRNBC Board Chair


On behalf of the Board of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, it is my great pleasure to announce that Ms. Cynthia Johansen has been appointed Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia effective April 2, 2012.

Many of you may know Cynthia through her work as the College’s Director of Registration, Inquiry, and Discipline. In that role she has demonstrated a strong understanding of the complexity of the healthcare system, the nature of nursing practice, and how a health professional regulatory body must work to ensure that the public is protected. Cynthia brings a broad background in professional regulation, public policy, and government relations. Her leadership, strategy development, customer service, team building, and relationship management skills will guide the College so that it can best support B.C.’s registered nurses and nurse practitioners in establishing appropriate standards for the profession and in meeting those standards.

Before joining the College, Cynthia was Registrar/CEO for another B.C. health professional college. She brings experience from within the provincial government, having served in the Minister’s Office for Health Planning and in the public affairs/strategic planning branch of the Premier’s Office. Cynthia has a Master of Arts in Leadership degree and has undertaken master’s level studies in Information Management. During her six-year tenure with the College, Cynthia has demonstrated her commitment to developing collaborative and productive relationships. She has worked closely with registrants, other nursing organizations, other regulators, and government to ensure that the public is protected through the effective regulation of registered nurses and nurse practitioners. The strength of her strategic abilities, her understanding of the complexities of regulation, and her capable leadership stand the College in good stead.

“I believe profession-led regulation contributes positively to society,” said Cynthia Johansen. “Patient safety is of utmost importance to registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and the College. I will work to engage nurses and others so that the College continues its significant contribution to B.C.’s healthcare system. I’m delighted and excited about this new opportunity.”

Cynthia will take up her new duties following the departure of Laurel Brunke on April 1, 2012. Laurel has served in the role for thirteen years and under Laurel’s leadership, the College has become recognized as a leader provincially and nationally in nursing and health professions regulation. As the College moves forward with a new Registrar/CEO, the Board extends a special thank you to Laurel for her extraordinary vision, leadership and commitment to excellence.

Your support in welcoming Cynthia to her new role with the College and wishing Laurel all the best, as she enters a new chapter in life, is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

 Pamela A. Ratner, PhD, FCAHS, RN
Chair of the Board

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