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Farewell from Laurel Brunke

CRNBC Registrar/CEO Laurel Brunke's farewell message.
posted March 28, 2012
Laurel Brunke

The end of March will be the beginning of a new chapter for me, as I transition from Registrar/Chief Executive Officer to adventures undiscovered. I've been in this role for 13 years, first for RNABC and then for the College. This has truly been the most amazing time in my career as a registered nurse. It's been challenging, humbling, hard, thought-provoking, rewarding, and always interesting with no two days ever the same.

I've had the honour of meeting many nurses over the years. I've met nurses at the bedside, nurses in administration, in policy, in education, in research and other environments, all passionate about their work and our profession. You've shared with me your joys and your sorrows, your hopes, dreams and concerns. Sometimes you could hear a pin drop as stories were shared; often the stillness of the moment spoke louder than words ever could. Your stories have helped shape nursing regulation and our profession. Whether they are funny, moving, sad, beautiful, our stories weave us together.

As I leave, I take pride in telling you that our College is in good hands. It has an exceptional Board Chair, a strong and effective Board, a talented new Registrar/Chief Executive Officer and awesome staff. We also have many highly committed nurses and members of the public who volunteer to support the College's work. Together we have served the public well and have much to be proud of. We have transitioned from an association to a College, clarified the scope of practice for registered nurses, introduced nurse practitioners as a regulated profession, led the National Nursing Assessment Service Project, been at the forefront of the creation of the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators and developed a proposed Regulatory Philosophy and Framework that will take the College into the future. These changes have been good for the public, who the College serves, and for the nursing profession, itself. I have never been afraid of new challenges – now, on a personal level, I embrace a new chapter because the time is right for the College and for me.

It has been a privilege to serve as Registrar/CEO and to safeguard profession-led regulation over these many years. The College is recognized as a leader in regulation nationally and internationally and I know that it will continue to be so recognized.

I said that it has been an honour to meet so many of you. Truly, it has. Thank you all for your work as registered nurses and nurse practitioners, your commitment to high professional and ethical standards, your service to the public and for all you have taught me over the years.

- Laurel Brunke, RN

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