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Spring Learning Events

Two learning opportunities for Spring.

Inquiry and Intentional Dialogue in Nursing Practice — DEFERRED TO FALL 2011

This blended learning course will provide you with theoretical and practical perspectives related to various methods and modes of communication and inquiry.

Through reading, discussion, practice and experiential learning, you will review basic communication theory and practice, practice a variety of questioning techniques and use case studies to build a repertoire of questioning and inquiry skills.

You will come away with a clear understanding of basic communication theory and practice; awareness of different techniques and methods for ascertaining information and meaning in communication; and foundational skills in providing advice, feedback and consultation to practitioners, clients, families, colleagues, students and the public.


Recognizing and Responding to Learning Needs in Clinical Environments —

As a preceptor, manager or educator, how confident are you in assessing and supporting the performance of other learners? If colleagues ask you to provide feedback on their performance, how do you respond?

This blended learning course will provide you with practical strategies to gain competence and confidence in assessing your own and other’s nursing practice, obtaining and providing effective feedback, and building a plan to support your professional growth. 


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