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MSF Update

What participants are saying half-way through the MSF pilot project.

Taking stock half-way into the multisource feedback pilot project

We’ve finished the first part of a pilot project to evaluate multisource feedback as a tool to enhance RN practice. Two hundred and thirty-seven RNs will receive reports to use to develop learning plans for the upcoming year. So far, there’s overwhelming evidence that the RNs who took part in the pilot project are meeting CRNBC’s Professional Standards.

We’ll refine the questionnaires and process for phase two of the pilot (which begins in early March), using feedback from RNs and their colleagues.


Here’s a sample of some of the feedback we’ve received from people who took part:

  • I actually find this to be the simplest and most efficient Multisource Feedback format I have been part of to date.
  • I believe that the feedback from colleagues gives one the more accurate assessment of the individual regarding work ethic, competency and knowledge.
  • I really enjoyed this process. The online survey was easy to use.   The new process took very little time.  Completing the survey on my own was convenient.  My colleagues likewise will be able to complete the survey when convenient for them. 
  • [My colleagues] were concerned that they would not find the time to complete yet another survey. I reassured them that it should only take 5 to 10 minutes and the questions are quite general so it should not be too much of an effort. I did have to remind a few to complete the survey and stressed the importance of this for me for my professional growth.
  • I have sensed over the years that peer reviewers have not felt comfortable giving me constructive criticism.  The anonymity aspect of this new process might encourage colleagues to provide more meaningful feedback.  

By the end of the pilot project, all RNs in clinical practice will have had an opportunity to participate in developing this part of CRNBC’s Quality Assurance Program.

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