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Labour Mobility

Important information for Canadian RNs — educated outside of Canada —who want to register in B.C.

posted Dec. 5, 2011

Labour Mobility Registered nurses and licensed graduate nurses currently registered in another Canadian jurisdiction may be eligible for practising registration in B.C. in accordance with the British Columbia Labour Mobility Act, the Agreement on Internal Trade, and section 4.04(2) or 4.06(3) of CRNBC’s bylaws:

  • Applicants must be of good character and meet the other requirements in section 4.03(1) of the bylaws.
  • Applicants must not be subject to practice limitations, restrictions or conditions in the other Canadian jurisdiction where they are currently registered, and must meet all applicable continuing competence and quality assurance requirements in that other jurisdiction.
  • Applicants who were not educated in Canada and are registered in another Canadian jurisdiction that does not have a congruent process to CRNBC for demonstrating substantially equivalent competence must have practised in the other Canadian jurisdiction for a minimum of .5 of fulltime for at least 12 months preceding the date of application. Applicants who have not done so may be required to undergo a competence assessment and/or additional training, experience or examination to be eligible for registration in B.C., in accordance with section 3(4)(c)(i) of the Labour Mobility Act and Article 706(4)(b) of the Agreement on Internal Trade.
  • Provisional registration with CRNBC is no longer necessary for Canadian applicants who are entitled to practising registration in accordance with the foregoing requirements.
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