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Practice Standards Revised

Revision to two practice standards: Privacy and Confidentiality, Dispensing Medications

Privacy and Confidentiality

CRNBC has revised its Confidentiality Practice Standard including adding the concept of privacy and renaming the practice standard Privacy and Confidentiality. The revised practice standard incorporates changes in legislation and regulations pertaining to privacy and confidentiality. The Applying the Principles to Practice section has been expanded to include information about such issues as making ethical decisions about disclosure, and dealing with new challenges created by changes in technology and the internet (e.g., social networking).


Dispensing Medications

CRNBC's Dispensing Medications Practice Standard, which identifies the principles that registrants adhere to when they need to safely dispense medications to their clients, has been revised. The changes provide clarification and promote safer systems for dispensing, particularly for registrants who practice with a CRNBC-certified practice designation.

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