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CRNBC Withdrawal from CNA - Update

update on withdrawal

On April 10, 2010, following an extensive consultation, review process, lengthy discussion and debate, the CRNBC Board decided to end CRNBC’s jurisdictional membership in the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

CRNBC’s Board did not take this decision lightly, but considered it necessary in light of concerns about the incompatibility between CRNBC’s and CNA’s respective mandates and functions since CRNBC’s establishment in 2005 as a health profession college under the British Columbia Health Professions Act.

Although CNA had hoped that a way might be found to continue CRNBC’s jurisdictional membership, it is agreed that the decision of the CRNBC Board is to be respected.

On Friday, October 8, 2010, CNA and CRNBC held a constructive and collaborative meeting at which several options were discussed for ending CRNBC’s jurisdictional membership in CNA in a measured and managed way. No final decision has been made about these options and there are various matters for further consideration and discussion by CRNBC and CNA. Both organizations are committed to having further collaborative discussions about these matters over the coming months.

CRNBC has committed to continuing its membership on an interim basis while a dialogue is undertaken to allow for a seamless transition. Both organizations favour a consensual and collaborative approach to achieve this objective in a way that satisfies CRNBC’s regulatory policy concerns and CNA’s mandate and financial viability. CNA and CRNBC are jointly committed to keeping CNA members, CRNBC registrants and other relevant stakeholders informed as this process progresses over the coming months.




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