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Bylaw Change

Approved Bylaw Amendments

On February 5, 2010, the Board approved changes to the CRNBC Bylaws. These changes were submitted to government for final approval. Government approved these bylaw changes which came into effect April 1, 2010. The bylaw amendments:

  • delete the positions of president and president-elect and provide for appointment, by the Board, of the board chair and vice-chair to a one-year renewable term of office
  • provide for at-large elections of all registrant board members (urban, rural and at-large members)
  • provide for a three-year term of office for elected board members
  • reduce the board size to 14 members, nine elected and five appointed
  • delete the Resolutions Committee 
  • replace the board public appointee with a member of the public on the Nominations Committee

Transition Process

The draft amendments to the Bylaws reflect the following transitional provisions:

  • Current elected board members will continue to hold office until the expiry of their existing terms; specifically the president and the members from Districts 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10 will hold office until September 1, 2010, members from Districts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will hold office until September 1, 2011, and the president-elect will continue to hold office as an elected board member until September 1, 2012.
  • The president becomes board chair and the president-elect becomes board vice-chair and will hold those positions until the first board meeting after the 2010 elections at which time the Board will elect a board chair and vice-chair for the 2010-11 year.
  • There will be one rural, one urban and one at-large board member elected by CRNBC registrants in the 2010 elections for a three-year term.
  • There will be two rural, two urban and one at-large board member elected in the 2011 elections. One rural and one urban board member will be elected for a four-year term (selected by random draw); the others will be elected for a three-year term.
  • One at-large board member will be elected in the 2012 elections.
  • As of the 2013 elections, there will be one rural, one urban and one at-large board member elected for a three-year term in each annual election.
  • Registrants referred to in section 1.04 of the CRNBC Bylaws are eligible to vote for all elected board member positions regardless of where they work or reside. Candidates will be required to declare at the time of nomination whether they are standing for election as a rural, urban or at-large elected board member.
  • There will be a separate ballot for each position.

There is a new 2010 Call for Nominations for one rural, one urban and one at-large board member. Candidates who submitted 2010 nomination forms for either the president-elect or electoral district board member positions have the option of re-submitting a nomination form for either the rural, urban or at-large board member positions.

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