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Registered Nurse

Description of what a Registered Nurse does.

CRNBC sets the entry level requirements for anyone applying for registration as an RN in B.C. This means that the College works with universities and colleges to review their nursing education programs so that anyone studying to become a registered nurse will be prepared to pass the required registration exam.

To become registered in British Columbia a person must have completed a nursing education program, met competence requirements, passed the registration exam and consented to a criminal record check.

Nursing abilities are based in four categories — each is as important as the other:

  • Professional Responsibility and Accountability; Self-Regulation
  • Knowledge-based Practice
  • Client-Focused Provision of Service
  • Ethical Practice

The client is the person central to all nursing practice.

Review the Competencies in the Context of Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice in British Columbia.

Competent, ethical registered nursing practice requires nurses to integrate and perform many of their abilities at the same time. All registered nurses practice in a manner consistent with:

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