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Hiring a nurse

Some home situations require the professional support of a registered nurse. If you are considering hiring an RN privately to care for someone at home, be sure to verify the registration status of the nurse in addition to checking references. CRNBC cannot assist you in hiring an RN, but we can help ensure the professional status of someone you are considering hiring.

Registration with CRNBC

In British Columbia, only individuals registered with CRNBC can legally call themselves a registered nurse or provide duties legally restricted to the profession of registered nursing.

All registered nurses in B.C. are accountable for meeting Professional Standards.

Using a hiring agency

Along with your nurse practitioner or physician, an agency can help you to determine the level of care that is required and what kind of nursing professional will best meet your needs and that of your family or loved one. If you hire an RN through an agency, be sure to ask if the nurse is currently registered with CRNBC.

If you have concerns

If you have any concerns about an RN that you’ve hired privately, first speak with the individual. If you think that your concerns are not being resolved, you can call CRNBC’s Practice Consultation Service and speak to one of our nursing consultants, who can help you determine how to resolve the issue.

If you have hired a nurse through an agency, again speak first with the individual and then with the agency if you are not satisfied. If the agency seems unable to resolve the issue, you can take your concern to CRNBC.

Things to consider

Here are just a few things to consider when hiring a nurse privately.

  • If hiring a registered nurse, be sure she/he is registered with CRNBC.
  • Does the nurse consistently display the kind of behaviour with you and your family member or loved one that you expect?
  • Identify what you need from the nurse and be sure to communicate those needs to her/him.
  • Be sure the nurse is prepared to provide you with regular reports on the care and condition of your family member or loved one.
  • If the nurse is not able to come to work, will she/he give you enough advance notice.
  • Did the nurse's references satisfactorily address matters related to safe practice, respect and gentleness?
  • Do you have liability insurance to cover any accidents that may occur with your employee when working in your home?

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