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Boundary snapshots

These snapshots were taken from the boundaries web module, which explores stories from nurses in a variety of roles and practice contexts.

We encourage you to dive into the module, which tunnels down to the foundations that support therapeutic relationships and the potential slippery slope of boundary drifts, crossings and violations. 

A friend wants a favour


Daniel is the charge nurse of the emergency department. During a shift, a hockey buddy arrives in Emergency with a small laceration requiring sutures. Emergency is extremely busy and his teammate is in for a long wait. Hoping for a breakaway, his buddy asks Daniel if he can move him to the front of the line.  

Is it okay to say you’ve “been” there?

While caring for a client with breast cancer, Angie meets the client’s daughter. The daughter, only a few years younger than herself, is distraught about her mom’s diagnosis and treatment. Angie’s mother had the same type of cancer – Angie knows how the daughter feels. She reflects on how she coped with her fear and anxiety and considers whether sharing her experience would help.

A gift cheque in the mail

Judy, a home care nurse, cared for Mrs. Clark, who was dying of terminal lung cancer. After Mrs. Clark passes away, her family says they wanted to give Judy something to show their appreciation of her excellent care. Judy tries to decline, but a week later she receives a cheque and a thank you card in the mail. What are Judy’s options?

Learn strategies for recognizing and preventing crossed boundaries through our boundaries web module.

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