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Does supervising RN(C)s count as certified practice?

Case study about quality assurance & certified practice

T​​​alisa started a new position 18 months ago as a manager over​seeing certified practice registered nurses who provide STI car​e to clients.

Her transition from a certified practice RN to manager has been challenging; she no​​ longer meets with clients, something she misses.

​Instead, her new role involves organizing orientation and doing performance evaluations for her staff.

Registration renewal requirements

As registration renewal came around, Talisa reviewed the quality assurance requirements for certified practice RNs. She began to wonder about the requirement to have engaged in the applicable certified practice within the previous three years. In her new role, she hadn't done an assessment or collected a specimen in quite a while.

This worried Talisa, as she didn’t want to lose her certified practice designation. She wondered if the supervisory part of her role satisfied this quality assurance requirement.

What should Talisa do?

On the CRNBC website, Talisa reads that nurses in her type of role can maintain their competence in different ways, such as performance assessments and overseeing the practice of other RN(C)s. It was comforting to know that maintaining her certified practice designation was possible, and she passed the information on to her colleagues.


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