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Use of title

What you need to know

Test your "use of titles" know-how with these scenarios created from real practice support questions.

New grad, new title

Brianna is a new graduate who recently registered with CRNBC. While preparing to write her registration exam, she is working in her first job as a nurse. During her orientation, a colleague tells her she should sign LGN after her name. Brianna thought she was supposed to use the title RN Provisional but now she’s not sure.​

What title can she use?
Brianna has provisional registration and should use the title Registered Nurse (Provisional) or Provisional Nurse. She can sign as RN(P). When Brianna passes the registration exam, her provisional registration will automatically convert to practising. Licensed Graduate Nurses (LGNs) are nurses granted registration in B.C. prior to October 1, 1990. An LGN may perform or provide the same service as RNs.

​Role vs. title in documentation

Matt works as a public health nurse and sees his colleagues using PHN when they sign their documentation. When he asks about it, he’s told it more clearly reflects their day-to-day practice and the care they provide. He thought he was supposed to use RN, but now he’s not sure.

How should he sign his documentation?
While using PHN is optional, Matt should include his title, RN, when signing his documentation. Nurses are required to sign their client documentation using a title that reflects their registration class, such as RN, RN(P) or RN(C). When Matt signs his documentation and includes his title, he reflects his scope of practice and demonstrates nursing accountability and responsibility.

​What title can a retired nurse use?

After Gurpreet retired, she converted her RN registration to non-practising. She keeps busy by volunteering in her community and is often asked because of her background as a nurse. She knows she cannot call herself a registered nurse, but wonders if she can still use the title 'nurse'.​

What title should she use?
Gurpreet can call herself a non-practising or retired registered nurse. She cannot use the title "nurse" or "registered nurse" without specifying "retired" or “former.” This restriction assures the public that someone using a protected title is entitled to practise nursing in BC. Gurpreet also needs to use caution in how she represents herself in volunteer roles. Without practising registration, she cannot practise nursing, even as a volunteer, and is not covered by her professional liability protection.


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