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Important information about the RN Scope of Practice: Standards, Limits, Conditions

Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses

This publication contains information for registered nurses (includes licensed graduate nurses) and nurse practitioners in British Columbia about scope of practice that is established by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC).

The scope of practice for registered nurses and nurse practitioners in British Columbia is set out in the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation under the Health Professions Act. Additional scope of practice information is included in CRNBC’s Bylaws and Standards of Practice.

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Explain the Regulation and those parts of the Health Professions Act that have an impact on scope of practice for registered nurses
  • Set out CRNBC standards, limits and conditions related to scope of practice
  • Explain the restricted activities for registered nurses that are outlined in the Regulation
  • Explain delegation as it applies under the Health Professions Act and CRNBC Standards of Practice.
  • Information in this document is subject to change as CRNBC policy is revised or legislation is amended. CRNBC registrants will be notified of changes.

    CRNBC Standards of Practice

    CRNBC is responsible under the Health Professions Act for setting standards of practice for its registrants. CRNBC Standards include:

    • Professional Standards
    • Practice Standards
    • Scope of Practice Standards, Limits and Conditions

    These can be found on the CRNBC website


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