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Getting started

An overview of the new and revised Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-Specific Orders scope of practice standards

5 tips for understanding the scope of practice standards

Scope of practice standards establish the standards, limits and conditions for registered nurses’ practice. These scope of practice standards link to other standards, policies and bylaws of CRNBC and all legislation relevant to nursing practice.

RN scope of practice  

The Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-Specific Orders Standards are now in effect. These standards outline the requirements for nurses when they are providing client care in the following ways:

  • Acting within autonomous scope of practice

  • Acting with client-specific orders
  • Giving client-specific orders

We’ve made some language changes and introduced the concept of giving client-specific orders. We've put together an overview to help you understand the changes to the scope standards and consider how they will apply in your practice. It’s important to read the Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-Specific Orders Standards in full.

  1. Review the changes to the standards
  2. Be familiar with these key concepts
  3. Learn more about RN scope of practice
  4. Understand the controls on nursing practice
  5. Consider your practice context

    Consider your practice setting, interdisciplinary team and  organizational supports. Ask yourself:
    • What conditions do I diagnose and treat or prevent?
    • What organizational supports and resources are in place to support me?
    • Do I currently act on direction, guidance and/or recommendations from non-listed health professionals?
    • In what situations would I obtain an order from a non-listed health professional?
    • Do I currently give direction, guidance and/or recommendations for client-specific care to other health care providers/professionals?
    • In what situations might I give an order?

What's next?

  • Be aware that although these are in effect, your practice will not change until your organization puts policies and supports in place.

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