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RN Scope of Practice

CRNBC sets standards, limits and conditions related to the scope of practice of registered nurses and nurse practitioners under the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation.

Scope of practice refers to the activities that registered nurses are educated and authorized to perform. These activities are established through the legislated definition of nursing practice and are complemented by standards, limits and conditions set by CRNBC.

The Regulation states that registrants of CRNBC may practise nursing. Nursing is defined as the health profession in which a person provides the following services:

  • Health care for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health;
  • Prevention, treatment and palliation of illness and injury, primarily by
    • Assessing health status
    • Planning, implementing and evaluating interventions, and
    • Coordinating health services



RNs working in Remote, First Call, or Reproductive Health are required to have CRNBC certification. See Certified Practices

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